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Helia Classic Facelift

Helia-D Classic Lineup Facelift
Everyone is asking - in this new facelift, which aspects of the lineup remained the same?
Rest assured:
1. We kept the original recipes, same ingredients and of course the iconic sunflower stem extract.  This is what makes a Helia-D product so unique and special. 
2. The odour of the creams - stayed the same
3. The texture of the creams remained unchanged
4. The same range of products - normal, dry, extradry, sensitive and night - are available
5.  The same sizes are available
...Then what changed?
1. Based on recent research, the moisturizing effect of the creams have increased
2. Now we use Bio sunflower stalk
3. Classic is now Vegan - the carefully selected ingredients of the cream entitle it to the the "Vegan" qualification
4. Most obviously, packaging is freshened up with the new flower pattern design.
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