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Effective May 1, 2019:Fedex


We ship to the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Norway, Switzerland and all countries in the EU. 

Eligible types of addresses:

- We ship to residential addresses.  We do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

- Please expect our package, or in other words, please indicate at the time of ordering whether the courier can leave the pack at the door or leave a note at the door, etc.  Sometimes it takes days for Fedex to track down a customer. 

Coverage area and shipping rates:

- US customers (USA addressees): we ship all orders over $49 for FREE within the USA.  Under $49 of order value (i.e. including any discounts)  the shipping charge is $9.90.

Canadian addressees: All orders under USD75 in value ship with a flat shipping charge of $8.90.  Orders over USD75 ship for free.

Australian addressees: All orders ship with a flat shipping charge of $14.90, regardless the order value.

Asian addressees: All orders ship with a flat shipping charge of $14.90, regardless the order value.

European addressees: All orders ship with a flat shipping charge of $9.90, regardless the order value.


Addressees in Africa, South America, Mexico and Israel: We do not ship to these countries because customs and postal mismanagement there is just crazy.


Most orders are delivered on the 3rd day from day of ordering. If ordering occured in the weekend, it will be delivered on Tuesday.

Please do not order from us if speed of delivery is super important.  We have had customers who ordered products Friday afternoon for Saturday delivery.  We can not guarantee such service, so please be aware that you will receive your order 2-3 days after placing the order.


FEDEX will try to deliver your order a number of times.

Typically, if they do not find you at the destination address they try to contact you at the phone number you provided during ordering.  Please provide your real phone number if you want prompt delivery.  If FEDEX fails to reach you they still make a number of attempts to deliver your package.  After about a week they give up and return the package to the sender.  We are not responsible for any kind of damage, claim, lost income etc. associated with recepient's failure to receive package and therefore we are not required to refund any part of your purchase price in such a case.


There are holidays in every country. Please observe that the following days (if they happen to be on a weekday) will operate on a holiday schedule, so nothing gets done:  
August 20,
October 23,
November 1,
December 24-26,
December 31,
January 1,
March 15,
May 1.  

Ordering on days around these holidays may result in about a day delay in delivering your package. 



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