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Eyebrow Multifunction Shaper in 3in1 Dark Brown 02

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BROW MULTIFUNCTION STYLER 3IN1 is a compact set for eyebrow shaping that will make it perfect all day long. In three steps, it gives an amazing look. It contains three elements that are needed to achieve the effect of beautiful and fashionable eyebrows. The automatic triangular end allows them to shape and contour, the applicator in the form of a soft sponge fills the gaps between the strands, the brush allows for perfect shaping of the eyebrows for an amazing final effect. The stylish shape of the eyebrows is one of the most important elements of perfect makeup. Just three steps are enough to complement your makeup with extremely beautiful eyebrows. BROW MULTIFUNCTION STYLER ensures a lasting color and proper pigmentation of the eyebrows, the hardness of the pencil pin of the automatic eyebrows, prevents the eyebrows from breaking. BROW MULTIFUNCTION STYLER 3IN1 is an innovative way to perfectly perfect your eyebrows, for any woman who appreciates precise and stunning makeup at any time.

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